Friday, June 5, 2009

Wonderous Times at Bead and Button

The boat didn't sink and here I am! So far, so awesome. I have had three great classes so let me give you the run down.

First up was Joe Silvera - wax working with the wonderfully talented expert Joe and his TA ( his great spouse) and it lived up to it billing. The only problem I could see is that more people didn't see it's potential and sign up! Joe will even take the wax pieces and cat them for you in bronze as part of the class. We worked hard and I learned a ton about hard waxes and how to work them.

Next class was with the adorable Jennifer Hayden of Jangles. This is the class I missed last year when I booked it for Sunday and then found out that the blasted Lake Express had altered their schedule and I had to leave early Sunday afternoon or be stranded until Monday. It was worth wait. Jennifer is charming/ open/ helpful/ and an expert with her clay. I made plenty of clay pieces that she will be taking home to fire and send. I can not wait to see how they turned out. I got to make an amphora and plenty of beads. Too much fun! I'd delightfully recommend Jen's class to anyone who'd like to try a little something new.

Last and not least was Sara Sally LaGrand. She taught us about Precision Silver glass colors and she is just the most patient person. There were plenty of students who were at plenty of different levels. She and her cutie pie TA (Justin, her son) ran about delivering beads to the kiln and helping everyone. Sara also generously showed us her signature pod making abilities. How wonderful was that! The photo above is of her piece that is in the Bead Dreams competition here and it is fabulous. How HOT and trendy!

There is still more to come.....catch you with the next check in from Bead Heaven!


Deb said...

Wahhhhhh - I want to be there too!

Looks like a fabulous time is being had by all!

Keep the updates coming so those of us who live down under can live vicariously ;o)

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Will DO! Wish you were all here with me and Mallory.