Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to the Metal Head!

As my friends might say - It's about *%^*%g!!! time Sharon! In about what seems like a gazillion years ago I used to participate in Art Fairs around the country with my jewelry. It's actually how I met quite a number of my friends. For awhile now I'd list a finished example here and there on Etsy in my designer components store (Right Turn Art Werks) for handmade beads and other goodies. They've just seemed plain out of place there and it didn't seem to be the best place for my finished silver work.

Well, I'm branching out under the ARTWERKS logo and opening a sister store, MetalWerks. Nothing in stock as of yet - but it won't take me long. In Metalwerks you'll be seeing a myriad of finished jewelry pieces. As to what you will be seeing in Metalwerks...think mixed media. I work in all metals, I cast and fabricate. I'm a Certified PMC Instructor and resin is something I've taught and might incorporate. The design will be dictating the technique. Even feathers, my beads, and horsehair might show up - who knows!

Whatever it will be new - and it will include some exclusive designs. If you can fabricate and cast you are a lucky devil indeed, since you won't always have to use the standard clasps. charms, or generally available components all the time! And, your customers won't be getting the same ol'- same ol'. Handmade beads - metal - resin - art clay - found objects -

Oh HORSE FEATHERS! You get the picture.


Janel said...

Yay! I can't wait to see the new store. :)

Raj said...

sounds divine! Sign me up....