Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Diva by Any Other Name

I am tickled pink about joining the Fire Divas. They are a motivated group of artists who work very hard at marketing and supporting one another with a open door policy. I like that. They communicate better than I do too so I'm going to have to step it up...

Lampworking when it first came on the scene, thanks to modern updates by Cindy Jenkin's and her Hot Head Torches, was always full of artists who spoke openly about their craft and the "how-to" of bead making. It was heaven - no enormous secrets. Everyone was helping everyone. As more artists took up torch working over the decade+ years things moved to a different phase as people became competitive in a narrowing marketplace. I liked the Divas long before I joined because so many members had spoken openly via forums in an effort to instruct peers who were struggling with various problems. They even aided me several times with their candid advice on beadmaking and photography (as I struggled with that new Nikon digital I so covet!).

Recently I have updated my blog list and have been trying to get all of my fellow Divas listed. (If I've missed any of you please email me.) What I noticed from a marketing standpoint was something that I had considered before but didn't realize how important it might be. Literally, I butchered some peoples names (or couldn't find them) as I tried to update the blog roll. I think "branding" is important. What I found was some people did not list their "real" names anywhere. Since I have always listed blogs via artists given names - followed by their business names I ended up in a royal pickle and with egg on my face as I tried.

Maybe others don't think it is important to have their personal names listed. But, unless you are "The Artist", formerly known as Prince it doesn't seem logical in - Sharon World. Actually, it ended up not so logical to "the artist" either and he eventually returned to his stage name. So maybe it's JUST ME - it could be, you know. Everything I have read indicates you should find a moniker - and stick to it. A business name - and as the CEO of your company you too!
Like I said - it could be me - but I value others opinions and am interested. What do you think and why do you choose to do that way?


Patrice of Shepherd Creations said...

Interesting post, Sharon. Thanks for adding my blog, too! My shop name is so obviously linked to my real name that there's no point in hiding, eh? Patrice Shepherd of Shepherd Creations... though I also go by Glass by Patrice. I think it's better, at least for my customers, to be able to address me by my real name. I prefer buying from folks who don't hide, and personally am turned off by ArtFire and Etsy shops where I can't tell where the person is or anything at all. If you have a legitimate reason to hide a unique name, so be it. My name is common enough though, so I need to brand it up! Happy Sunday, Sharon!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Thanks Patrice! I'm with you on the Etsy shop. I don't like dealing with people that I don't feel like I know - or that seem to be hiding. Etsy is like having our own walk in shop and people like to know the owner. I understand sometimes people who are new want to test the waters and might lack a little confidence but after that is over with I hope they decide they can add that personal touch by including their name. And thanks for answering - I was concerned I might offend someone...and I do not want to do that.