Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Slow Updates

I've been working on the blog - - - I also accidently eliminated my Blog Roll and now I have to fix it. Darn darn darn. So, if your favorite link is missing I apologize. I'm working on getting them all re-entered but it's going to take me a day or two to track them all down by hand.

Also, here's a update (photo) of the casting area. I never knew hanging venting was going to be this easy. But then I have lots of joists to work with. And Gorilla tape - whoo hoo - the stuff is like glue to tape these pieces together. You can see the in-line ventilator behind a board it's hooked to. It comes with a metal stand that you can screw to a board or to the wall. Pretty nifty and a no brainer to hang.

By the way - the counters where I solder are floor underlayment - it's kind of an impregnanted cement wall board that is fire proof. It's under all of the casting equipment - kilns - soldering areas. It's what they have at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Association in their workshop and works like a charm. So, if you are worried about what to solder on - go get a piece from your local Home Depot. It's pretty cheap too - like under $10.00. I have a full size sheet on a 6 foot folding table and halves on the casting station.

I love making progress - by tomorrow it will be done.....with the piping at least....maybe.

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