Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recycled Solar Jars

I like canning - mostly when I do can it's tomatoes, jams, or jellies. My daughter sent me a jpg from Etsy of some lights she'd like to have on our deck for the wedding, scattered about the yard so people don't trip on things. I thought they were a great idea - but our budget is tight. Good thing Mom likes to figure things out. It's not like I have tons of time to do this - but, when it's your only daughter - our baby of the family - well - you do what you do.

First off - I recognize the solar pieces. If you've been in Home Depot or any place they carry the solar lights you light a path with then so do you. They are not pricey (under $4.00). Cool beans - but could I do it? Oh hell yeah! Once I figured out - thanks to the neat display at HD - I found I could easily take the stake out. For good measure I cut off the plastic that was formed to hold it on - and - TAH DAH - they sit EXACTLY on a standard jar top - well.......there it is.

This is what they look like (day light and at night)- I sprayed the jar rings to match and just have to silicone them down or something. They cast a unique light on the deck steps. I like it - she will love it.

Onward and Upward.


Lisa @FishyFaceDesigns said...

Oh wow....YOu did so good!!!! That turned out so beautiful...I am sure she will love it... and it will really make everything look so beautiful....
Well DONE!
Take care!

Kate said...

Yes, Mom's ROCK and I do LOVE IT and love you :)

Estudio Luna said...

very cool!!!