Monday, December 19, 2011

Darn YOU Hoffman!

Source: via Sharon Driscoll from Pinterest

Okay - so now I have to "shake off" this terrible computer surfing issue and get back to business. It's all Mallory's fault. She posted on her blog about the Pinterest site. It's an on-line bulletin board. Yup, that was her crime. Isn't just like the criminal to blame someone else? I love the photo above - Wouldn't you just like to shake off the day like that? I was visiting Pinterest tonight and see that the Lark Blog has been doing the same thing since I saw some neat things posted in both places today.

Yes, I know - Get off the computer Sharon. It's not a toy.

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rosebud101 said...

It's so addictive! :) You will be cursing me later again and again!!!! :0)