Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bead and Button - I can't wait to see you again.

I wasn’t able to attend B&B last year – what a bummer. This year though I’ll be going for a couple of days with lots of friends. Since we are all enrolled in different classes it should be interesting to see what everyone creates. I’m signed up for a pewter casting class and a Photoshop class. I wanted the photography class but it was full – drats!

Since I already cast in silver and I think it will be an excellent transition class to iron out any kinks between the two. Silver is expensive. Gone are the days of major casting pours and it’s difficult for customers to be able to afford to purchase a batch of custom silver designs. Who can afford to load up a necklace or bracelet with it? It’s a lot like a builder building a spec house these days, the market isn’t there. Brass, bronze, and shibushi, are an option I will be exploring sooner or later but for now I think pewter might be a very viable alternative.

I’m excited about the prospects. How has the rise in metals affected your choices?
What kind of class would you enjoy taking?

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