Monday, February 6, 2012

Learning About Clay

Clay – I’ve said before I have a basic knowledge. I worked with clay in college but it wasn’t my preferred medium. Fact is I was forced into a class by my teachers. They wanted me to break out of the printmaking and painting mode and into something more three dimensional. LOL I hated having my hands dirty and nearly flunked the class. I was rescued by fellow students who made pots for me and scratched my name on the bottoms of them.

I dabbled a bit when my daughter took up wheel thrown pottery as a hobby. My husband took a few classes with her and it was “their thing”. We’ve always had a wealth of clay books around the house. The photo shows my favorites. There are more on the shelves.

Then after I took a class three years ago from Jennifer Heynen that it began to come together. I’d highly recommend taking a local pottery class and reading. There are forums, organizations, Etsy eye candy, and plenty of on-line stores with books and supplies.

This is my list but there are many more:

Ceramics Art Daily
Clay Station
Crafts Forum UK
Wet Canvas

Wealth of Information:
Ceramics Art Daily
Ceramics Today


Patty said...

I can imagine how clay would fascinate you, Sharon, but I can't imagine you not wanting to get your hands dirty! And friends doing your "homework"? I'm just amazed. :-) It's fun to observe your journey from the sidelines, and imagine how fun it might be to try this sometime.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Hi Patty! I think you'd enjoy the clay and since you have the kiln - well all the better. You work kind of like I do - you love the mix. Clay is cheap so you don't have to feel awful if something doesn't turn out. I can visualize the chickens eating out of hand pinched bowls! I think the Big Ceramic Store is out your way. All the books make it sound harder than it is. You know me - I love to share so when you are ready...I wil be too.