Friday, February 17, 2012

No, not Snow!

Today's kiln was a bit of a surprise. Some good and some totally yucky. I had purchased some new glazes and couldn't wait to see how they worked. This is where my inexperience with clay really sucks! Things I wanted to run didn't - things I didn't think would drip - well, you get the idea. I layered different glazes - looks good on pots, right? On beads - not so good.

It's not the glazes fault - (I could use a blinkie here)- USER ERROR! On, the bright side, most of the kiln load turned out and the pieces that aren't exactly my favorites were a learning experience. Besides, they're now subject to torture.

Torture you say? Absolutely. I can now etch them - see what sandblasting does to them and who knows what else can be conjured up. Any ideas?

Of the beads that turned out I thought I'd post this set I made for a friend. It's a collaboration and she requested the color and theme (Snowflakes). If I didn't love her to pieces I'd scream.


Jean A. Wells said...

Can we see the bad stuff please?

Anonymous said...

Sure Jean - I took a picture of the kiln full and I'll post it tomorrow. I covered one bell shaped piece with wire and I'll post it pre-wire and post wire. I'm still thinking sandblasting might be a possibility as I do that to lampwork often.

rosebud101 said...

I love those beads, Sharon! They look good to me!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Oh Yeah, this set is fine. It's for Susan and it turned out well. But, there were others in the kiln using less than tried and true glazing methods and they're kind of yucky. Some of them are taking the out the car window and into the woods chucking method as I drive down I-75. My favorite disposal method :-). Someday maybe they'll be artifacts. LOL