Friday, May 18, 2012

Art Show Season Begins

Tomorrow begins the round of Art Shows in Michigan.  Most of the outdoor shows wait until late May to get started becasue the weather is unpredicable until about now.  I am hoping to be able to travel to Lansing tomorrow to take a look at the show.  Actually it is two shows.  One is in town and the other on the campus of MSU (Michigan State University).  They are just across the street from one another so I hope we can see them both - It's doubtful but a girl can dream.  I'll try and capture a few pictures if I go.  Either way -


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Janel Gradowski said...

We did the East Lansing one today. Was way to warm to cross the street and look around the MSU one. Saw some wonderful, fabulous, talented artists and a very funny juggler.