Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Idea for the Earring Fan

If I can't work much because of the knee I can at least design.  I was browsing through Etsy and just surfing in general when something I saw sparked a design idea for the same fan shape I had done for the earrings.  It's about as elaborate as the nicho necklace idea (more or less) and should make a great necklace.  Here is the drawing and the notes.

Not my best drawing but you get the idea.  Same basic premise as the "Danse" earrings but with a few more complex dangles and a more complicated bail at the top.

When you can't work on your newest ideas what do you do?  Most of us seem to stay creative in one way or another, crocheting, sewing, whatever (I do both).  What's your favorite?


Maplegirl said...

Thanks for sharing your design idea. I love to see how others sketch out their ideas. Andrea

kmorgan said...

Love this "artistic" sketch you've created! It's very intriguing. I "doodle" for jewelry, stained glass & mosaic at the moment!

Jean A. Wells said...