Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grunge - I should have asked the expert!

One blue bead from my Mom's old necklace/ and some I made - the ceramic "love" dangle I made. The rest is from various stashes I've accumulated.
Patina Chemicals

I've been working with some tin again and after Marina's great earrings I've been trying my darnedest to work on a more recycled and grungy look. Grunge doesn't appear to be hard (ah huh!).  And that is what I get for assuming that getting a great patina of any kind is easy. You'd think I'd know better. While I was on a trip downstate I stopped at my favorite in state jewelry supplier and picked up a few new patinas. Better to drop your money on the patinas rather than the hazmat fee to ship the stuff.  Now I've got this great cornucopia of chemicals (royally ucky stuff) - some I had and some I bought.  I threw just about everything at this pair of earrings.  And, I keep thinking there must be an easier way.  So what's your favorite grunge recipe?  Oh, and what do you think of the earrings?

I wrote this post before I went blog hopping this afternoon.  Marina Rios must be on the same wave length or something - or maybe we both stayed up to late last night.  I dunno.  I guess there is no use in asking what your favorite grunge recipe is because today Marina posted hers.  You can find it here.  Like I've said previously - She is a very giving artist and that puts in her in a unique category called an artist's artist.  Giving of herself and techniques - and those with loads of talent and inspiration usually are. 

To see Fanciful Devices (Marina's business) just click on the name. 

Back to the grunge pile - I've got to get myself out a piece of sandpaper and pump up my muscles. 

Note please that all of the inspiration for these earrings came from the pair Marina sold me and that I wear proudly all over the house and to Walmart (where they are stodgy and a gawk at my ears).  I really need to move somewhere more arty.


Lela said...

..."where they are stodgy and a gawk at my ears." Hehe. I often think the same thing...would love to live in an art district.

The earrings are cool! I'm going to have to 'grunge' up some of the stuff I've been collecting this month too.

Sharon Driscoll said...

You should have seen the time I put a pink streak in my hair - you'd of thought I had a disease. LOL - sometimes you just have to have fun.

NCornett said...

So what IS your favorite in-state jewelry supply place?

NCornett said...

So what IS your favorite in-state jewelry supply place?