Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Act of Kindness from Marina Rios

It's Spring! Or so I keep telling myself.   I will scream it from the mountain tops just how much I dislike winter.  It's really not the snow - it's just the general lack of sun and all of the gray.  So, in the midst of all of this and a good dose of Seasonal Affective Disorder I can get pretty well knocked on my butt.  Nothing to worry about but it can feel pretty crappy and affect the joy of creating.  During this time I do a lot of Internet surfing and talking to friends.  One of my favorite blogs (and people) is Marina Rio's of Fanciful Devices.  She's just a straight forward joy of an artist.  Nothing pretentious - just great art and good people.  I've been wanting a pair of her earrings, like forever.  Most people who know me generally see me wearing other people's work.  I like supporting other artists and when you find something original and fun to wear what is not to love.

Marina always lists her scrumptious new designs on her blog for us to drool over and a couple of times I've seen pieces that have just totally tripped my trigger.  Alas, instead of opening my mouth and speaking up the pieces they've sold before I could make up my mind.  I mean, really - she makes "to die for" neat jewelry.  Well, in my current (albeit, temporary funk) I've been dreaming about what it would be like to be a queen for a few days...all those servants, flowers everywhere, deep bath tubs, you know - the whole enchilada.  And then these earrings showed up on her blog.  Look at them - fabulous.  They're gold and they even got crowns on them. They screamed at me from the page to give them a home on my ears.  And so I did.  Look at how they arrived.  Isn't that packaging something?  It's over the top.  For a person who loves old letters and saves pieces of this and that like a hoarder it was a knock you on your ass moment.  I not only got those earrings that I was drooling over they came packaged for this queen as if Marina knew my most personal of thoughts.  I was bowled over with joy.

Earrings by Marina Rios of Fanciful Devices (Etsy Shop)
But that wasn't the only treasure in that box.  Marina knows I'm a maker of jewelry - she knows and has answered for me many a question of about her beautiful recycled look.  She's an artist's artist and like myself isn't afraid or put off by questions.  I can't tell you how wonderful that is and how supportive this community can be.  But then if you are here - you probably know that.  At the post office I could tell that the earrings weren't the only thing in that box.  I was like a kid at Christmas...the box shook and made noises.  I KNEW there was something else in there.  Ah, did I say something else?  I was shaking with excitement - all the gray of day just slipped away.

Something else would be an understatement.  Around my beautiful earrings was a treasure trove of goodies.  Pieces of this and that to aid me in my quest to make my own treasures.  Look at all of that stuff......  Even the beautiful little pouch was stuffed full.  The pouch is going into my purse.  I love  it and it's just perfect for me to put my "finds" into. 

Goodies that Marina slipped into the box for me to play with

The pottery is just perfect to set into a Mary Hettmansperger setting. And there are so many exciting pieces in that pile I can't even describe what it has done for my frame of mind and inspiration.  I keep thumbing through it and imaging what kind of jewelry I might build around it.

Thank You Marina.  This will definitely not go to waste and your act of kindness has more than made my day.  If it weren't a six hour Drive to Chicago I'd come over and give you the biggest hug you have ever had.  And did I say how much I love those earrings...I'll be wearing them at Bead and Button, maybe to bed too.


Lela said...

Nothing like a little new stuff to lift the spirits, eh? Very nice of her.

Cool earrings too!

fanciful devices said...

awww, it was just some silly ol' destash. im so happy you liked this. this post made me laugh out loud. im gonna show it to my mom.

rosebud101 said...

How nice!!!!

Jackie said...

What a lovely way to chase away the lingering winter blues!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the real spring isn't to far away.

Jean A. Wells said...

I also love following Marina's blog. She is an amazing person. And, you are so right about her being an artist's artist. She is so helpful.

What a beautiful treasure box she sent you. Those earrings are gorgeous. Can I borrow them?

Just reading your post made me feel better today amidst the third major snow storm we've had in Kansas City this month.