Thursday, May 2, 2013

Components are my "Happy Place"?

I feel like Nemo in my happy spot.  The exception being that nothing is complete.  I'm sure my friends would say that once I actually sit down and start creating a finished piece I certainly won't "want" for anything because all the pieces are in various stages of nearly complete.  You know, a patina here - a resin there.  Making rust on tin and glazing little bits of this and that.  I really think I'm trying to talk myself into the fact that there isn't a room in the house that doesn't have some kind of artistic chemistry going on.  Let me show you....

Clay bead caps and dangles (in progress)

Glazing piles of stuff (in progress).

Patina mania (uh, in progress) so I can resin some paper stampings into them
A stack of tins (to be cut up and stored for future use) - oh yeah, the dog has knocked over this pile twice!
And this is the tip of the iceberg that is piling up counter, two folding tables in the front room, my end table I didn't even take a picture of - it's full of drawing tablets, paper cut outs for the cabs, bits of stones to wrap.  The list is endless.  Uh, then there is the portable cafeteria tray that has two pair of half finished earrings.  It's like I figured out the puzzle of what worked and stopped.  Gheeze!  Does anyone but me work like this sometimes?  I need something for ADD, I'm sure of it.

And - this doesn't even cover the fact my work table is full - somewhat spilling over.  And, oh yes - there is another and....I need to stop what I am doing and go back to lampworking because I need glass beads to sell at the Glass Act booth at Bead and Button in a month.  Oh puck....who knows a geneticist who can clone me!


Maplegirl said...

You are making me smile. I have a bunch of projects too. Good thing I have a limited space to keep me contained. I now have a to do first list. That kind of helps.

Lela said...

You're funny. I don't do that so much. Well, it depends...I may make a few clasps at one time - but most of the time, I have the idea for a piece & then go from there...making components for it as I go along.

Maybe I better try production mode. Sounds fun. :)

Sharon Driscoll said...

Maybe you both have the right idea. I have a girlfriend who won't move onto the next project until the one she is working on is finished. You're right Maplegirl, a list would probably help.