Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Am I Going to Wear with my Latest Creation?

Choosing Necklaces for Necklines

Different necklines look better with certain necklace styles.

Turtle necks – best with longer necklaces

Crew necks – best with short necklaces such as necklace ‘collar’ or bib styles

Scoop necks – fill in the space with multiple strands of beads or larger scale pendants

Strapless – look great with chokers or short pendants, leaving your lovely décolletage bare

Square necks – look for pendants with an angular finish to harmonize with the angular neckline

Asymmetric necklines – look for necklaces that aren’t symmetrical, instead a necklace that has it’s own asymmetry can work, alternatively a long string of different sized and shaped beads can work well.

Halter necks – these create a narrow V neck – so look for a narrow pendant with a sharper end
V neck – ideally a necklace that matches the shape of the V – depending if it’s a wider or narrower V neck.

Collared shirt (button down) – there isn’t much space for anything too wide, so a choker style works if you have a long neck, if not a slimmer pendant that sits above the last open button.
Boat neck – a long string or two of beads is ideal for this neckline.

Cowl neck – this neckline is already detailed and has volume, so either a short and small pendant or a pair of feature earrings instead of a necklace.

Sweetheart – a curved necklace that has width that will balance the open décolletage of this neckline.

This great information comes from Imogen Lamport.
I couldn't sleep tonight and was amusing myself by surfing around my Facebook posts and found this posted by my friend Anne Sturdevant.  I just had to back track it and check out where it came from.  Jewelers kind of work backwards.  They create the piece and then are running around trying to figure out what shirt in the closet goes with it.  Or, better yet, I go out shopping for a matching color - Ha! I usually end up copping out and getting a white or a black because I can't find what looks right.
Well, Imogen has certainly got my attention She has plenty to say about fashion and finding the right things to complete great looks for your wardrobe.  It takes a bit of doing to shock me but her site managed that easily.  Really, where has this site been all my life while I was struggling to figure out what to wear.
Look at that great visual on necklaces!!!!!!!
The title of the original post is:
                                         "How to Choose Necklaces to Work with Your Neckline"
                                                  and it's from Imogen's Inside Out Style Blog
I really think you will like her blog - I'm totally smitten and am adding it to my Favorite Blogs list.

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