Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Beads of my Tetrad Palette

I've used up most of my stringers and my twisties.  I'm not sure how well this palette might go over with some of my Bead and Button customers so it's time to switch to another one for a few more sets before I have to get my supplies packed up for the classes I'm going to take.  Next time I better look for an orange with a higher chroma to mix with.  The one is used had a chemical quality that made it more a "striking" color than anything else and it didn't always turn up that elusive "creamsicle" color that I wanted.

Oh, I got it here and there but not consistently.  These bead sets will be okay - they could have been better.  I don't like how transparent my purple went on my heart and how the creamsicle changes depending on whether it struck easily or not.  ACK!

Now I'm hungry for one of these.  Next time my color palette isn't going to relate to something yummy to eat!

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Lela said...

Geez, I leave for three days and you go crazy blogging. Hehe. You are a glass master! Gorgeous work.