Thursday, July 18, 2013

Last NC thoughts...but no "new to me" house yet.

It's about time to head back to Michigan.  What a trip!  We packed as much stuff into the day as we could.  We looked at enough homes in enough towns to give me a serious headache.  The one good thing that came out of it is that we met a great realtor and I've a basic knowledge of the roadways.  I have to tell you one thing - as far as expressway driving goes it isn't that much different than driving in Detroit.  Asheville to the "suburbs" isn't much different than Detroit to the's all via the highway.  There just isn't as MUCH traffic and it isn't at breakneck speeds. 

One of the last houses we looked at was in Hendersonville.  Nice town.  They've recently redone the downtown area and it has this great walkability.  Then there are the wonderful tables and chairs they have all over town so you can stop and rest.  That's such a wonderful thing. 

They also had the painted bear thing going on - they were cute.  I just had to take a picture of the one in front of the jewelry store and the Kilwin bear was just plain cute with his big ice cream cone.

 I couldn't believe this pile of silver plate in the antique store.  Anyone for fork bracelets?  I picked up a few things to play with and we visited a couple of great galleries in town (sorry, they really don't like photos in those places and I'd of loved to have shared some of the eye candy!)

Our last stop on the way back to the kids was in Asheville.  We had one last house to check out and decided to stop and eat.  I had seen this restaurant on a drive through town the other day - Farm Burger.  The place was a WOW.  It was grass-fed, antibiotic free beef - freshly ground.  Holey mother of angus cow!  It was hands down the best burger I have ever eaten and I've eaten a lot of burger in my day.  So, if you're ever around the Asheville area I'd say stop and enjoy one.  And don't forget to get the hand cut fries either

Tomorrow it's adios to the kids and a long drive back.  Today we did one last trip into Asheville to see the Southern Highland Guild Show at the Cellular Center.  Cool Show.  It was also like a perennial favorite of mine - Ann Arbor (The Original Art Fair).  They are know as the Ann Arbor Art Fairs because they are four shows all wrapped up in one.  They run simultaneously and side by side in the town streets.  The most highly juried show is the "Original" and that is what the show at the cellular center reminded me of.  Great fun and more eye candy.  It made me lonely for my bench.  And next week I'll be lonely for this set of kids again too.  You can't win when they grow up and move away for's beyond your control.

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