Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mellow Mushroom = Mellow Artist

Tonight we drove to look at some houses in Hendersonville and then drove into Asheville for dinner.  We chose to have a pizza and a great pizza it was.  And such a plus for me - a completely interesting restaurant called Mellow Mushroom.  The décor is like Outsider Art but not as outsider - funky and mixed throughout the restaurant both inside and out   My eyes were on "eye candy" overtime and I didn't calm until the pizza was delivered.  I loved the fennel flavor of the sauce for dipping the French bread.  It was outstanding and probably the best I've ever tasted.  And then, later, when the pizza arrived it's crust was sublime - yeasty and chewy.  I got the biggest kick out of the old bowling balls that were cemented into the stone walls around the restaurant and the leg lamp tickled me.  Fun to look around and eat great pizza - I'm in! Food for soul and body --- -- --- - you simply can not go wrong.

The view from out booth was as fun as it gets -

Great color inside the restaurant - you now what a freak I am about a color wheel.  And the light bulb changed colors too.

This is the outside of the restaurant - See the bowling balls mixed into the stone walls - genius!

And the inside gets an A+ for casual funky and especially nice servers.
Tomorrow we'll be checking out Hendersonville, it's below Asheville but my friend reassures me that it is totally artsy and fun.  Our realtor found a house we'd like to look at down there so hopefully it will happen.  Gosh, I never knew what a possible move might entail - it's both exciting and exasperating.  And then my head occasionally goes haywire.  In truth I look like the guy in the AT&T commercial who puts his hands up to his to indicate an explosion.....yup, that is how it feels.  Whoa, and that doesn't even begin to cover the emotions all of this cover.  Crap. 
This is the point where I need a magic wand to wave after my Fairy Godmother, Buddha, the heavens and maybe the good Lord step right down and say, "Hey lookie here Sharon - it's the right thing to do - just wave the wand and everything is going to be A-Ok from this point on.  No worries, just art and success, and a happy family - but spread apart family."  So good Lord if you are reading this blog and you'd like to step up between all the big things you have to do and give me some reassuring signs I think I could handle it.  Oh hell - I'd most certainly welcome it.

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Lela said...

Wow! I didn't know you were thinking of moving. Just WOW! Cool. And I'd love that cafe too. :)