Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Already Mid-September - Whoa

So where has Sharon been....lots of things have been happening here as of late.  Sorry for the pause in blogging.

1. Our daughter and her too cute for words husband have moved back to Michigan - YES!  And, we are expecting a grandchild.  Whoo Hoo!  Of course, her father and I are incredibly excited for her and our SIL.  They have waited a very long time....uh, us too.  Our first grandchild is already in high school - our beautiful and smart Adrienne.

2. We have a new addition to our family already.  Meet Daisy Mae Belle - 8 weeks old and just "full of it".  Her name should be "Damn it Daisy - No".  I have told my friends that I have taken on a vampire lover.  I've fang marks everywhere!

This is Daisy with Trudy - poor Trudy has also been bitten by the vampire too.  We're working on it!
3. I'm taking a class from one of my favorite teachers - Roger Schmidt.  He's a retired bench jeweler with 25 years experience.  There is nothing, and I mean nothing, this man can't explain or help us with - it's a joy to be back in his class and to visit with old friends.

4. I'm still working on cabs (glass ones to set with stones) - I've decided to set them in as many ways as I can think of so eventually I'll post them as I work on them.

5. I moved equipment around again as we moved some of the things our daughter had stored here down to her new home.  I've been clearing out boxes of jewelry parts and sorting them into those white storage units (they are very nearly full) and moved my little torch up from the basement studio and into a position in the new area where I usually work on finishing.  I figure it only takes up a little space and it would be more convenient than running up and down a flight of steps all the time. 

That Ikea table is so steady for a cheap table I can hardly believe it - go Ikea go!
That's all the news - it's been a fast and furious couple of weeks.  Oh, and we had a garage sale - and took lots of things to the Goodwill and on and on and know - lots of life stuff (good stuff). 

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Lela said...

Busy indeed! Daisy is a cutie. :)