Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Progress on the jewelry

Slow and steady...it tends to be my work pattern as of late.  No complaining but fast and furious wouldn't be bad either.

I made my decisions on the glass cab to put with the stone and had plenty of extras.  After that I decided it would be good to practice to set the extra glass cabochon for practice.  I made the bezel and soldered the silver to the top.

This is another style of cabochon (called a bullet cab) you can make in glass - you can get them in stone, but it's more fun and you can make more designs in glass.

Onward to sawing the top, adding a jump ring and bail, and let's not forget the polishing.  It's still looking pretty raw here.

The more complicated piece went through a decision making process for the bail.  It's drawn on the paper that's to the right of the piece.  I'm adding (universe willing) a swiveling bail to the top.  It should be big enough to accommodate a large rubber cord.  See the silver piece above the stone with the prongs - that will be the internal part of the bail.  Below is a glass tongue shaped cab I'm going to hang from the bottom (see the drawing in the previous post). 

In a day or two I ought to have the tongue cab capped and ready to go.  I still have to lap sand the top of it so it's nice and flat and do a heck of a lot of forming and soldering.
I will post any progress.  

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