Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Stones

As happenstance would have it there is a store that's "new to me" in Traverse City.  It's in the same area that the old Osiris Bead Shop used to be in.  What a wonderful store that was!  The new find for me is a jewelry and stone store called On the Rocks

Since DH had a medical appointment in TC we went early and walked around downtown.  My plan was to investigate the rock store further and to go to Horizon Books - which always has a decent selection of the current magazines. 

I did find some stones to purchase, not the selection they had at the beginning of the summer for sure, but some interesting pieces.  And while I was looking at the wildly wonderful set cabs (there must have been a thousand) and feeling a melt down at the beautiful selection of stones this artist was using a bell went off in my head.  At the check out counter I picked up her card and noted her name (Kathryn Wilson) and began to read her story as things were being rung up...duh, yup - whoop whoop - the beautiful jewelry with the fantastic cabs.  Uh huh, her husband is Gary Wilson.  He's just about my favorite stone cutter ever.  I knew he lived in TC and in Arizona part of the year but holy crap.

How wonderful for all of us.  Maybe they'll start carrying a larger selection of his stones - that would heaven.  A whole lot easier than trying to elbow your way into the tables at Bead and Button.

I picked up a few of the pieces that were there - an odd lot for sure.  There were these stones I had seen before - called TV Stone.  It is Ulexite.  See how you can see the writing magnified through it?  I thought it might be fun to a fix something underneath it before it's set.  The Labradorite is a huge piece - rock size.  Maybe I could figure out an odd setting and turn it into a talisman kind of necklace with lots of runes and goodies.  Then the Fluorite crystals I thought might be interested set into a cage.  Fun stuff...stones and shopping.

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Lela said...

Labradorite is my all time fave