Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Daisy Grows An Extended Family

I sat on our story for a very long time.   Suffered quietly while I tried to get a grip on our new life and what we were going to be capable of doing - or not.  I can not tell you how much lighter I feel for having gotten it all out.  It has been liberating to just say it out loud.  I guess holding on to it kind of made it the "dirty little secret" that haunted my thoughts.  It's so not a healthy way to live.

Then along came Daisy - - - - and out poured everything when she was diagnosed with that severe hip dysplasia.  I cried for everything - everything I thought, or felt, or stuffed and choked on for the past six years.  It took a precious face so helpless to control her own destiny to totally blow my cover. 

You can't know how frightened I was to put all of this out there.  I can be so painfully quiet in person.  This blog has been like a journal - I can tell you about my art and talk and pass things on without that moment of panic over whether whatever I say will be "bright enough, cleaver, conversational, blah blah blah."  It has been cathartic over these years while Brian worked at healing.  I would sit here with him and type.  Bring you all newsy art things I could pass along...and I like to do that.

To see what you are doing for Daisy - well, even writing this my eyes are moist.  I am humbled beyond belief.  To think that all of you kind and wonderful people I have met - and many I have not - would contribute your hard earned money to help her become whole for us...well, my heart is just bursting. 

Daisy may not know what is happening - but I do.  She is becoming 'everyone's' puppy.  I look at her and I see all of you.  She smiles at me and I see all of your facebook pictures and work.  And I get humble all over again.  To quote Martha - It's a good thing.  We appreciate your assistance.  It's beyond words how much we appreciate it.  I'm exploding with pride and I know we'll make it.

Here is a "daily Daisy" for us:

Really Mom, it wasn't much of a garden and there was a mole in there somewhere.

Thank You Everyone -

With Much Love,  Sharon, Brian, Trudy, and our Daisy.


Lela said...

Hilarious photo! :D

Jean Wells said...

What an adorable and innocent face. They certainly have different opinions about where it is acceptable to stick, no shove, your face than we do.