Thursday, April 17, 2014

Garage Sale -

I've listed some lampwork goodies on Lampwork,etc. in the garage sale area.  So I thought I'd let my lampwork friends know incase they are interested in a new press or something.  I also posted my well-loved but packed away torch on Facebook. 

In the case of the beadroller - well, I usually would never sell any press but at some point I misplaced my beadroller and bought another one - since I have not developed octo arms I guess one is enough.  All the proceeds are going into Daisy's account.  So far we are a little less than half the way there so we've got to press on.  If anyone is interested please visit LE or Facebook and let me know.
The story of the torch.  It's a Major Bench burner.  I kind of progressed quickly form my hot head but I never much used the "major" part of the burner - just the minor torch at the top - so eventually I was going to retro fit it and talked to Jean from Nortel torches and we were going to retrofit the major into a midrange burner and Nortel sold me the fitting.  Unfortunately that was about the time I found a used Lynx on sale and I switched so I put everything away.  I'm selling the torch and retrofit together so if you purchase it - well, it will be getting like a brand new torch.
And here is my Daisy of the Day...she enjoys bringing logs onto the deck.  Good grief!  As if melting snow in the yard wasn't revealing the great "spring fling it into the woods" clean up.  Why oh why doesn't that stuff melt!
So much sun outside I might need sunglasses - this is Michigan - we are Vampires in the sun and all squinty!

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Jean A. Wells said...

What a pretty puppy she is. I see she has had her perm for summer.

My "puppy" is four and a half years old and STILL carries stick into my house to chew on. I guess they never outgrow that. You can spend a fortune on toys and they still prefer the things they find themselves.