Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Get Your Brain In Gear Sharon

Oh Crap - think think think...I've got this great Bead Soup from Shannon and I haven't started the design yet. Yes, I've mulled over some ideas and even drawn out one or two - or two dozen is more like it but haven't really settled on what to do. And now I've narrowed my time down by telling myself it's not until May - you've got plenty of time. Uh, no it's not May - but, it's not exactly April much longer either. Grrrrrrrr, what was I waiting for, an epiphany?

Think, Think, Think!
You've only got until May 3rd.  That is the REVEAL date for gosh sakes.

1 comment:

Jean Wells said...

Lori has given you a stay of execution by extending reveal to May 10. Don't try so hard. You have beautiful stuff inside of you. Turn your brain off and turn it over to your muse. Make it for Daisy!!!