Monday, November 10, 2014

Addition to the Reference List

Quotes from:  Wubber's University  (and you need to put Wubber's high on your speed order list - great pliers, tools, and this too:

"Today's Tip from Lexi:

Ever find yourself in a “tight spot”, where you can’t get a file or silicon wheel into a small area for polishing? This little tip helps a lot.

Use a Q-Tip or toothpick instead. Charge your toothpick with the rouge ...or tripoli polishing compound, then insert it in your flex shaft or Dremel. Use it just as you would a polishing wheel or cylinder.

If it breaks off, just grab another one, they’re cheap! This will get you into a lot of tiny places, and it’s great for rings. This also works great for cleaning the inside of a bail. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT POLISH CHAINS THIS WAY! The chain can catch and whip around your finger or the flex shaft/Dremel.

And, of course, ALWAYS have on safety glasses when using any power tools. Remove any residue from the compound with a mixture of water, Dawn Detergent and a bit of household ammonia."

And, check this one out - I've never encountered this idea before - brilliant, simply brilliant.  It's from a July 30th post at Wubber's University.
"Today's tip from Lexi:

If you are soldering bezels which are closely placed together, place a piece of mechanical pencil lead on the back plate between the bezels. This will keep them from moving on the bed of flux and soldering together. It works well with tiny little balls for decoration, too."

The Lexi in all of this is Lexi Erickson.  I've several of her videos and she writes for Interweave and Jewelry Artist Magazine, among others.  Great articles, great artist, great tips. 

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