Saturday, November 1, 2014

Julie Sanford Studio

I'd be really a miss if I didn't mention and show you Julie Sanford's great studio in Grand Haven.  She teaches there and has many visiting instructors - such as Gerry Lewy, Michael David Sturlin, and Richard Salley.  If you're ever in a mood for a great Michigan destination I'd recommend Julie's studio without question.  Not only was Gerry great, the town was great, and Julie is a gem.  She couldn't have been a better hostess.

This gives you a small idea of what Julie's studio looks like:

Just a few pictures and I didn't even get the gallery and store section in - the studio is just beautiful
Fantastic, huh?  An ideal setting for working.  Plenty of room to watch the demo - individual benches to work at/ with lights (such a plus to have a light of your own to adjust).  It's just plain ideal.   It's so well thought of that there were students there from Wisconsin, and Indiana - besides Michigan.  And, since Grand Haven is such a wonderful town to visit I'd recommend this as a fun destination trip for anyone.  If it were summer the husbands could laze around the beach, book a fishing trip, or play golf.  LOL - they get to relax their way while you have a great "art retreat".  Whoo Hoo! 

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