Sunday, December 28, 2014

Looking Back and Looking Forward...

The first of the U-Haul trucks is on the road.  We were lucky enough (graced enough) to have children visit for the holiday who were willing and able to pack up a 20 foot truck of our lives to head toward North Carolina.  The Christmas holiday celebrations are behind us and shortly in the new year a new life will begin.  No, the entire life didn't fit into one 20' truck.  There is at least another 20' truck in our future - maybe more - but the very first load is out of here and on it's way.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old life - except maybe for the winters here.  We are grateful for the full life we've had here in Michigan.  We've raised three beautiful children and they are moving healthily ahead with their own lives.  It's just time to move on with ours. 

My right hand is feeling better - I was truly worried that the right thumb was going to give way.  The left thumb lost the CMC joint and I had to have  major surgery on it.  If the right had gone I'd of been in panic.  I did, however find a great brace to wear so I don't over do the joint again.  It's from Mueller and I got it on Amazon.  Love it.

I'm looking forward to the day I can unpack all of my equipment and start anew on glass and metal.  To that end I've been thinking about my focus lately.  Maybe I ought to consider narrowing the scope of what I do.  I have sincerely been considering staying within the confines of more metal fabrication and finished pieces when I can finally get myself set up again.  We will see what we will see but my ideas have been along that lane for a very long maybe it's time to do that.

I truly admire people who can pick a medium and stay there.  They're happy within those confines.  Maybe I need to concentrate and be more grateful to be setting up some of my own.

I hope your holiday was a happy and grateful one and you got to spend it with your loved ones - be it immediate or extended family and friends.  In this century, ah - maybe any century - I can't help but chuckle and think of the refrain from the song, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with."  In fact, better if you just love everyone!

Happy Holiday's to You and Yours!


rosebud101 said...

Glad to hear things are moving ahead, Sharon. Let's Skype soon!

Lela said...

I cannot imagine packing up all this "stuff." Although I admit that I've been cleaning out non-jewelry related stuff lately....

Best of luck with the move! Exciting! Glad your hand is feeling better!