Saturday, December 20, 2014

Missing My Art but found a good read!

It's hard to pack and miss out on playing with your art.  I needed a thumb brace for my right hand due to the packing (that was the order from Amazon) and while I was at that I also ordered a book I've been wanting for a long time. 

I picked up Margie Deeb's latest book (or newest to me) entitled The Beader's Guide to Jewelry Design.  I feel as far as jewelry goes I'm a "just okay" designer but certainly not a spectacular one.

So tonight I started reading it once I was too tired for packing or cleaning.  I knew I'd like it.  I'm only about 20 pages into it and it's wonderful.  It should answer a multitude of design problems when I'm stuck.  It certainly is making me rethink a few things that I've packed away and that are in mid-stage as far as designing goes.

So, if you feel like your designs have been a little bleak pick yourself up a copy.  I'm pretty sure you will like it as much as I do.

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rosebud101 said...

Sounds like we are sharing the same problem, Sharon. I have acute tendonitis of the thumb. It's slowly getting better, but until it is:: Nothing. No nothing. Ouch!