Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I've been packing and getting so much ready to move.  You know how it is with art supplies and all.  But, what I wanted you to know is this so I'm posting immediately.  I ordered online from a company called Nile Corporation.  They have cheap jewelry supplies.  Last year at this time I ordered some supplies from this company.  They were the only company I had ordered from so there was NO doubt as to where the problem stemmed from.

You'd of thought I'd of learned my lesson last year, I'm a slow learner.  Within a few short days my credit card was full of thousands of dollars of charges that were not mine.  Of course, cancelled charge plate and yahdah yahdah. 

Fast forward to a year later (from the first credit card debacle) - lesson not learned - I was desperate with this move and needed more jewelry cases.  So, I figured I would order them.  I don't have time to search any out and it has to be an online order.  Did I pay for it in spades.  YES!  I only ordered from two places - Amazon and Nile on the same day.  Guess what, I got home from NC and while I was gone for the week - thousands of dollar of charges on that plate. 

Back to square one - plate cancelled.  AND, I will never ever order anything from Nile Corporation again - ever!  And, unless you want to go through this you probably shouldn't either.  Can I emphatically say it was from this company?  No.  You will have to draw your own conclusions from what has happened.  But, it sure looks suspicious.

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rosebud101 said...

Yuck! Thanks for the heads up, Sharon!