Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's July, Really? I'm unpacked and spreading my wings!

I'm thinking one post a month probably isn't going to cut it on the blog....sorry about that. 

Since the last post I've purchased 28 yards of material for front room/dining room curtains.  They're not done yet but check this out: View Along the Way.  I used these instructions to make curtains for the bedroom that turned out great.   I see a whole lot of sewing in my future but at least it's a whole lot less expensive and better than trying to find some to match your furniture.  And, with straight seams, well, how can you go wrong!

Also I took an incredible class with the very wonderful Chris Darway through the Florida Society of Goldsmith's at Wildacres.  I'm pretty sure you are familiar with the first two things, Chris and the FSG...but maybe not Wildacres.   Wildacres is a retreat facility for "creatives" near Little Switzerland in North Carolina.  Uh, may the heavens be blessed - it is just up the mountain from where I live.  What an environment to work in.  Is it the worlds best studio - no (is there one?) - but they supply more than enough equipment, individual places to work, and we were supplied with a list of goodies we would need that were specific to our classes. 

This is Wildacres: My bench, the Dining Facility, the VIEW!

This last one is from the FSG site and this is actually what it looks like...heaven, huh? And there we a lot more rockers than that!
Now, this is a very limited view of the acreage - as it is 1600 acres backed up the Pisgah National Forest.  This was a view from the incredible porch that lies between the two dormitories.  That beautiful stone porch is full of rockers to sit in and enjoy the sunsets, a glass of wine, art "talk".  The studio's themselves were open three of the evenings we were there - until 10pm.  Ideal?  You bet it was.  I feel renewed.  What a way to break in my new home and get ready for the future.
I had signed up for Chris Darway's Mechanism class.  Since "closing the deal" (a great looking clasp) has always been a failing of mine, IMHO, I thought it the best choice for me.  Indeed it was.  Chris's clasps are masterful and I learned a lot about springs.  Also there were John Cogswell, Patricia Tschetter, Andrea Kenning and NC Black Co., and Tom and Kay Benham.   The classes were varied and wonderful - I never heard anyone complain about their class.  Meals were on site and good - so it was work, eat, and visit.  Immersion - - as much as you wanted or needed. 
Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  I can't afford to do two a year or I'd sign up for the Modern Master's Retreat in October.  I can't - but maybe you can.  Join the FSG - they accept out of state carpet baggers like me.  Thank goodness.

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