Monday, July 6, 2015

Studio Progress

Look at the glass rack! Once all the glass was dug out and put in one spot it began to look like a pretty amazing collection. I even ended up with a great nook for the library reference section, photography, and storage. 
I think maybe I just need a little more light and to get the air exchange system set up.  Maybe a cork board wouldn't be bad either.  Check out Trudy's head in the picture.  LOL - studio dogs!

Metals area.  It's ideal.  From that chair I can do everything....solder, fabricate, tumble, whatever.  The Ikea tables are absolutely the best - heavy, solid, and sturdy.

The studio area is in a well lit and finished basement area.  The basement is divided by steps into two areas.  One is the laundry and my husbands workshop (each in its own room) and the other is my area. attached to a storage area. where I have conveniently stored household stuff, excess studio stuff, and the casting equipment is being set up there.  The dogs love it for the painted cement floor and love to come downstairs with me.  So far, so good.  Everything is getting set up and put away and I'm beginning to work again.  I'll get a "works" in progress photo soon.
Enjoy the day!

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Lela said...

Looks like you're really making progress! Congrats on the new place. :)