Saturday, August 1, 2009


Sorry I didn't get a chance to get back to posting the other night but here are a few new photos. It actually felt just a little bizarre to be in Miami and at a bead show. But, it was great fun. Susan Lambert and I shared a table and decided to go for a funky look. Actually for the silly designs on the table came from seeing JC Herrell do a terrifically classy looking table top for Bead and Button. We did anything but! We used colored markers and made a spiral to show off Susan's discs and, of course, my skulls got...a huge skull to sit on. We draped it off the front of the table and put out names there. Last, but not least, were the stick on crystals and sequin crowns we wore. We weren't classy but we sure had a lot of fun and sold some great beads too.

You can see Susan in the corner of a photo waiting on a customer (I think it was Fran from Kentucky - We had a class with her and Bonnie Blincoe about ten years ago in Kentucky) and the lady with the beautiful long hair is none other than Heather Ferman. She is a doll in person and just the same way she is on the phone when you order viking knit end caps. We were next to Annie Made It - she is from Michigan too! And behind us was a lady who was gracious and who's name I forgot (shoot me now!). Kitty corner behind was Trey Cornette - loved, loved, loved, his class - and his beads.

I loved the fact it was a smaller group than usual, although it was difficult for the ISGB to put on the conference for a smaller group. It just it made it easier to meet everyone and talk. Next year it will be Rochester, New York. They sent some representatives from their chamber to the conference who handled out some great literature on the area. It was nice to have some pre-info. The ISGB does a wonderful job of taking care of its members in any way possible and making the conference a blast to attend. If you're a beadmaker (or a designer) you ought to consider belonging.

Contact them and join the FUN! International Society of Glass Beadmakers. There, I made it easy for you to click away!


rosebud101 said...

Sharon, it looks like you had a great time. I hope you did well at the BB.

Sharon Driscoll said...

I felt I did pretty good for a newbie there...aside from the fact I got to meet a whole lot of people and that was nice.