Monday, August 10, 2009

Teaching and Swapping

Just a short post I should have gotten up before. Here is a photo from the Gathering when we were at the Bead Swap on Sunday night. It was so much fun. I will try and get photos of all of the beads I traded for tomorrow and get them posted. Everyone was so generous with their beads and conversation. I don't think I'll ever miss another one if at all possible. I have a necklace planned with some of the beads I received. I was the lucky recipient of a beautiful fish from Karla Klein. She is seated in the photo. And there is Sharon Peters who was so nice to stay in the photo so I could catch her, Ronit Dagan, and Karla together. Ronit had been taking to Karla about her beads. And, I have some wonderful coral pieces from Marcie Lamberson to add to it too. Do you sense a theme here? I thought they would look great in some free-form peyote and maybe some bead embroidery. I have some others to add in that necklace, including my own but I have to go back through the beads first to know which once this "Seaward" theme started to take form. Oh Poop, I can not recall the name of the wonderful beadmaker who is also in the photo. If you recognize her please remind me.

Saturday I was lucky enough to be a teacher once again at the
Bead Weasel. It's my favorite local (about as local as I'm going to get) bead store. Viking Knit is such a joy to do and pass on to others that I just love teaching it. I also love Anne Sturdevant at the Weasel. She's having Sharilyn Miller come in from California for a joyous six classes. Sharilyn is one of the true goddesses of wire working. If you ever get a chance to have a class with her do it! She will change the way you work with wire forever.

Well so much for my short post....catch you on the up side.

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