Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scatching My Head

Nope, no fleas! No lice! Just puzzled as to why a person would go to this length to deflame their fellow lampworkers. I have contributed to this fund and I hope you will look it over and considering doing it too. There is a very disgrunted artist out there who is accusing people of fraud. I know I can be a little Pollyanna at times but this is just plain wrong. Please take the time to check a few things out for yourself -

Here is a link to the blog called : The Artisan Truth Report

Check out this link on Lampwork, etc. (The Lampworker's Forum)

Contribute to the Artisan and Glassworker's Legal Fund


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rosebud101 said...

You're right, Sharon, that is so wrong. I hope that things calm down soon. What she is doing is hurtful and hateful. Enough and off of my soap box.