Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jennifer Geldard at Rebecca's Studio

These are my favorite class beads from the Jennifer Geldard class.

Adornment Gallery - It's where you walk into Rebecca's Studio - Such great inspiration!

Rebecca, Lynn Mc Govern, and Jennifer

Class discussion about some of Jennifer's Beads

An extremely happy me between two of my favorite people.

I'm definitely late at posting this one. The weekend before the Gathering Susan Lambert and I were lucky enough to be involved in a class at "The Studio". Jennifer Geldard flew in for the weekend and taught.

Since Jennifer is one of my favorite people I jumped at the chance to be included in her class again. She was concerned that she had previously shown me things but she needn't have worried about that. First, I needed remedial work on enamels. Plus, we got to make the birds and I learned another way to use the type of petals we pulled at a Loren Stump class. Jen is always open and gracious with her knowledge

If you have a chance to take her class - DO IT! - you won't regret it.

I've thrown in some photos of our class and Rebecca's Studio and Adornment Gallery. It's an awesome place and she has some great teachers coming so get signed up soon!

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Janel said...

I love that bird. Reminds me a totem pole. Good job!