Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Art Blogs

I adore the Internet. Everything is so at your finger tips. What I’d really like to try; to see if I’d like them, is a computer drawing tablet. From what I can pick up, Wacom makes a pretty good one. Doodling is kind of second nature to me and I do it all the time – I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that before. And, the really weird part of that is that I have this surge of inspiration when I am in the car going somewhere (although that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with post). There must be some wild scientific reason for that but I’m pretty unsure of what that might be.

I go through rolling ball pens continually and have never met one I didn’t just love to pieces. The rolling balls help with arthritis issues. A pencil requires pressure to express yourself – not so with a roller ball or felt pen. Nice invention! So, while surfing art blogs on the Internet I found a list of the most visited “art” sites. Among that list was The Art Bead Scene, no surprise on that one. It’s always a favorite of mine.

As I scrolled down the list I also found this site on doodling. It’s called Doodler’s Anonymous, great site with lots of eye candy. They rock; actually, and I’ll be going back there often.

Another outstanding person with a drawing is Armin Mersmann. He teaches drawing at the Midland Center for the Arts here in Michigan. If you want a comprehensive studio class on drawing this is your guy. I’ve seen very few of his caliber. Go to his site and take a good look – what you’re seeing are drawings – not photographs. They remind of paintings by Chuck Close and are beyond realistic. I wish my drawing tablets looked like that.

I know where I get inspiration and have posted on the topic often. What I’m wondering is where do you get yours? What’s turning your crank lately? Where are you when inspiration strikes?

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