Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Road Trip

It was storming here yesterday - it will be storming late tonight and for the next couple of days. Fall weather in the Great Lakes region is full of unpredictability. Today was great! A day sandwiched between thunderstorms that was bright and warm so we decided to skip the daily routine and take a road trip. You know, I think clearer in the car...and if someone knows why this works for me then feel free to chirp in.

The drive took me further North to some resort areas via two lane roads. It's just a little early here for a Fall color tour but the leaves are turning quickly so it won't be long. I stopped to take a few photos along the way and enjoyed some sights.

I love bottle trees and found a new one on our journey so I stopped and took the photo to share. It would have been a great day to be in plane because we ran across this field that was covered in grass graffiti. There were smiley faces, peace signs, USA, and others. To bad I was in a car and not a plane. One of the last stops was Charlevoix, Michigan. Oh my, they are so full of themselves! Man hole covers (especially the fancy ones you see in various cities - they had some really artistic ones in Minneapolis) are generally manufactured here in Michigan at the East Jordon Ironworks. East Jordon isn't far from Charlevoix and now they have this theme around town, "Charlevoix the beautiful." Yup, full of themselves and yes - it is a beautiful area. The harbor is full during the summer, newly renovated, and user friendly. It was nice to walk around the town.

Was I inspired? Absolutely. I had an art teacher once who used to tell us to breathe every experience in. He wanted us to fill our eyes - touch and smell things. I often thought he was instructing us on how to live life. When life is busy beyond reason (usually self -imposed) I often think it's time for a road trip with a vague destination. The city of Petosky was the original goal but on a road trip it doesn't matter if you "arrive" - it's what you experience along the way. Petosky and it's namesake "stones" will still be there next week.

See ya tomorrow!


Janel said...

A graffiti field! I love it. Haven't been to that area in a few years, but I know what you mean. Heck, I couldn't even afford to buy anything at their sidewalk sales!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Oh Yes Janel - and it has not changed one bit. Great for window shopping, gallery hopping, and a great cup of coffee but not for those with a normal wallet size. With your acreage maybe you out to get the lawmower out and write something this fall - put your blog addy or something and see if someone checks in!! Maybe write a story about sending messages to the heavens : - )