Friday, September 3, 2010

Here's Tony!

Sorry, nothing "arty" to report over the past week. Just some studio cleaning and organizing that needs to happen periodically, and never often enough. I'm talking like I actually put a dent in it! HA, barely a scratch. I did find some findings that were lost a long time ago; plus some other stuff. But I still have not laid eyes on my missing draw plate or my good Gerber knife. I use that for wax modeling. It will show up sooner or later....more like later.

It's Labor Day weekend and I've always relished a holiday. They used to be more exciting though because they meant either I was paid copious amounts of money for working overtime or I had these wonderful extended days off. Now, I have all the days off I want.....hmmmmm. That being the case (the days open to do anything!) I often wonder why I don't have that total studio organization I desire. It reminds me of something my father would would say to me. "You can have anything you want if you want it bad enough." Now isn't that a mouth full? It's worthy of more than a passing thought. He was a man who knew what hard work meant and although he was in supervision it was because he had already done the "hard time" with his sleeves rolled up. Put a tiger in your tank, girlfriend, and go for it.

Being a Michigander means understanding we are in one of the cereal capitols of the universe, W.K. Kellogg's of Battle Creek, Michigan. THEE home of Tony the tiger (frosted flakes) and other great inventions like Pop Tarts. I have a tiger to show you. No, not Tony, even though he is terrific. This tiger could come and live in my house anytime. I'd consider doing this for Halloween but I'm not sure either one of my fur babies would stand for it. Isn't it darling? The photo is from China where they like to do this elaborate decorating. I hope the fake Tony's like it.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend and don't forget to pay a tribute to those who know how to roll up their sleeves and get the job done!

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Pretty Things said...

I did a huge studio clean-up today, too -- must be in the air!