Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Emo's need Love Too!

I think I might have had another post title like that at one time or another. It might also be accompanied by the first Emo Girl I did a year or so ago. I find the gothic/emo make-up fascinating. This one is kind of like Abby (the scientist) on NCIS but not nearly as cute as she is....who could be! It's so much fun to sculpt faces. For the eyes I used some Thompson enamels sprinkled on with one of those great metal sifters (ala' JC Herrel - who I will say teaches a mean class on enamels!). I purchased them from Arrow Springs to replace the old plastic ones I kept on burning.

Then, I worked the face over where I put down the enamel. It was fun and then I added the heart. I think she needs be on a pendant with a bunch of hanging Emo goodies.

I have two more pumpkins for show and tell. I will list them on Etsy in a day or two when I add some beads - one is green. The poor guy didn't have time to ripen up in the Michigan weather! Or maybe he ate too many cherries...I've done that before and I took on that same green/ ashen look. But, they tasted so sweet. Which reminds me - next week we have an appointment in Traverse City - the Cherry Capital of the north. They've got the right weather for it and produce one heck of a lot of cherries. When we are up there (it's about a 2 hour drive) I will take some photos of the Cherry farms for you. It's proabably the wrong season for it - Spring is better when the blossoms are out but you'll get to see the land. Who knows what will spark a new idea - for me and you.

Have a great day tomorrow. Be nice to yourself.....artists need love too.

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