Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Too Pooped.....More Pics

Mae and her Friend wearing her costumes. I wish I'd of gotten one of Mae when she had the headdress on - it was a paper mache cow skull with lots of white and when beautifully with her design.

This was taken at the "Bad Faerie Ball". I wormed my way up near the front to take the photo. Faun was playing - kind of Celtic Rock from my view point but much much more. The ballroom was packed and it was so rocking that the booth shook. We were to the left behind a brick wall and the toggles were clanging against the acrylic necks.

This beautiful girl was working in one of the vendor booths. Isn't her costume spectacular?

Future Harry Potter! He was so cute and I asked his mother's permission to take this photo. He got into character and gave me the "wizard's scowl" - how adorable - but he wanted to be scary.

Green Man Brigade! Just before they started on their tour of the convention.


rosebud101 said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Deb said...

I've been following your fabulous post about Faerie Con, Sharon. Drooling over both the costumes & the thought of a Bad Faerie Ball!

Until now I was just mourning the fact that we don't have Ren Fairs here in NZ.lol!
For years & years I sewed & always wanted a reason to make historical & fantasy costumes, but never had one. (I have a good stash of porcelain dolls to attest to that!!).
Something such as Faerie Con would have been the perfect excuse to go all out.
Thanks so much for sharing these images & opening a whole new world to me!! I'm constantly amazed & impressed at the talent & creativity that comes out of the USA :)