Monday, November 1, 2010

Working on Wax Sculptures to Cast

This side of the studio is mostly for fabricating and the one below for casting.

Happy November! I thought I'd show you the studio set-up we work in to cast. This is the Jewelry Studio at The Midland Center for the Arts. We have such a great time while we're here you couldn't consider it work. Below is one of the new waxes I'm working on to cast. I took photos as I began the process so I could share. I started with a very hard wax (the green - it comes in blocks of varying thickness) and began to carve out the design. To this wax I added some red wax details to build up my design. This is injection wax but works very well for sculpting so I always keep some around to work with.

Doesn't look like much in the first photo, huh? They all mostly start out kind of yucky - just like whittling a piece of wood. A gouge here and there before you switch to smaller tools and more details.

We are almost done here. There are details, refinement, and cleaning to go but it's almost there. I'm hoping to do the casting next week so I better get to it. It does sound like the final words just before my usual procrastination - Yikes.

Oh, just a side note too! I joined a new group - a forum on torch-fired enamels by Barbara Lewis. If you scroll down the page there is a link of the left - interesting stuff that torch enameling. There are lots of names you lampworkers will recognize on their member's list. Come on now - you know you want to try it! Join up...they've lots of tips and interesting ideas.


rosebud101 said...

Hi, Sharon! I want to see more of this process. Great post!

angelinabeadalina said...

I love the moon! What will it be in the end? Pendant? Ring?

P.S. Stop tempting me with your art/craft knowledge of so many different media... I can barely afford the glass stuff I want, don't need more temptations, LOL

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

It will be multi-use I hope. Mostly for a pendant and maybe a bracelet front. If it goes well in the casting I'm thinking of sending it out to have a mold made. Yeah, I know what you mean about the moola end of it all. When I was raising my children there weren't any nickels rubbing together in my purse either. It comes - but being a patient broke artist isn't easy. I'm so glad you are back Ang.