Sunday, January 30, 2011

Should I roll this to Metal Fabricating Class?

Okay, I'm a tool Wh_ _e. I'll admit it and I probably need a step program for it but that's not going to happen in this lifetime. To organize the tools I need a place to put them and an organizational system in which I can find them. I have doubles of some because I couldn't find them and bought a second one. If this doesn't take care of that I give up! It should.


rosebud101 said...

I want!!!!!!!!

Deb said...

Drooling seriously! I took the mere male shopping to show that this was exactly the sort of thing I needed last year.
He smiled & said 'maybe one day'.humph!

This is the same man who said to me yesterday, while we were in the tool store getting more materials for something I am building "you know if you had a compound mitre saw"- he didn't even get to finish the sentence before I pointed out that was as good as telling me to go buy one.....

The DeWalt compund mitre saw is 4 times the price of the "maybe one day"cabinet.
Men. HUMPH!!!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Oh Yeah, I get the DeWalt story Deb! Been there, done that with DH here. We'd been walking around the Home Depot store and for several months he's been saying I ought to put my tools into something where I don't have to look in three different rooms for them. (Maybe he was tired of searching for the white handled liers - LOL).

Anyhow, we went in to get something and he said "Look, it's on sale and if it fits in the car we're taking it home". Whoo Hoo! It took the entire back and touched the top...and we had to take it out of the boxes.

Loving it!!