Sunday, July 15, 2012

Creativity in Writing - Books by Kevin White

I was always an artist.  How many times have you heard one of us say this?  It was always there and never went away.  It may have been interrupted by a "day job" but those only tend to strengthen our resolve.  While I worked at that day job (that I loved) I met some wonderful people.  One of them is a talented writer of children's stories.  Since our job was working with children it seems an excellent fit for him.  He is working on his third book and I have to tell you the other two just tickle me pink. 

His name is Kevin White and you can purchase the previous two books HERE  Stubby Pencil Noodlehead is my favorite and would even be great for your child to give to that special teacher in his life. This is the excerpt from Good Reads about Stubby:

"When Stubby Pencil Noodlehead is forced to stand in front of his class to explain why he is late for school every day, the resulting tale is more than the teacher bargained for. Stubby’s story of pirates, pygmies, mastodons, and more, turns classroom order to chaos, and has the teacher begging for him to stop. The story’s accelerating pace and surprise ending delights readers of all ages(less)."

Counting Down with Farmer Brown was Kevin's book in progress the year I retired.  I was privileged to read the proofs and see the illustrations by Kevin's brother Rex as they were being created.  This book will appeal to both the adult reading it and any child lucky enough to receive a copy - - - it reminds me a Pixar movie where the subtle jokes within the illustrations are not lost on the adults who will have a smile from ear to ear.

There is also an on-line campaign to assist Chimeric Press with their third book.  I am donating to this because we need more great books for children.  And most certainly more great books by someone who knows children, loves the English language, is a great story teller, and an all around wonderful person.  To contribute to the cause check here at Kick Starter.  If you go there you get a reading by Kevin on-line.  I LOVE IT!


Janel Gradowski said...

Sounds like some fun books! I used to love reading books like this to my kids.

Sharon Driscoll said...

I knew you'd appreciate a good writer Janel. These are some of the most inventive I've ever seen. And like you I've read a bunch of them to my kids too.