Saturday, July 28, 2012

Don't worry....Bead Soup's a Coming...

I'm not letting my panties get in a bead soup is being photographed this morning and it will be posted by late this afternoon.  Gheeze, all of these artists have been so quick and this year I was running around to doctors to get surgery set up for my knee and cataracts....yikes.  Not to worry on either count.  It's a BBBBB----UUUUUU------TIFUL necklace and it will posted soon.  Hugs to my fellow soup members and I'll start hopping this evening.  I have to get ready to leave for the hospital tomorrow so I promise I'll be all set for both this afternoon. 

Hugs,  Sharon


Tanya Ozanne said...

Waiting (Im)patiently LOL Love and hugs Tanya

Janel Gradowski said...

I was gone this weekend, so just reading this. I hope everything goes well with your surgery!!