Thursday, July 5, 2012

Soup is in the mail - HUH?

Yikes, early deadlines.  This was fun last year and will be fun this year too but why did I chose an early deadline.  It's retorical.  I can do it and I hope my BSBH partner will be pleased.  I was shopping for some of the parts on the deadline mail date.  Why the last minute?  Because I just didn't want any old mix sent out from my stash.  I wanted a PERFECT mix sent out from my stash and to do that I had to do just one more little tiny thing. 

Polychronic?  Why yes mamam, I am.  My time is linear and never ending.  I'll pack it up tomorrow and send it via priority so it will get there lickity split.  I would have normally sent it first class but since I'm doing this one day late we'll have it jetted away.

So do want to see from this batch that is going out to Raida?  Sorry - Raida gets the first totally great look as she unwraps the packages.  But if you are one of those decoder kind of people I'm sure you would be able to decifer what is in these photos   As soon as my soup arrives I'll put up a better picture of mine and a photo of what Raida has sent in this direction.  After that we've got to create our little hearts out.  It has to be quick, especially since the designing, work, photography and marketing all has to be ready for the first reveal date.  Our creating is followed quickly by the first scheduled blog hop on July 28th. 

Don't worry.  I'll post a better pictues when Raida's mix arrives and then I'll post hers and the "more viewable" version of mine.  Then it's onward and upward to the design.  We don't have long since the reveal is going to be July 28th.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I don't ususally design this fast.

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