Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Let's Drive the Fudgie's Crazy!

It's Michigan - it's summer - and it's already steaming outside.  That is unusual for this time of year - but then it's crazy weather time all over the United States.  So, what does that mean?  Let me tell you my friend.  It generally means that every city slicker from Chicago through Detroit wants to go on vacation in Northern Michigan by the lake. 
Today we went to Traverse City - it's northwest of here.  It has buildings - architecture, shopping malls, doctors (the trip itinerary), and bead stores (YES!).  I needed a few things for my Bead Soup partner to round out the package I'm sending.  Town is packed - it's nearly Cherry Festival time.  TC (as we call it) is popular for vacationers.  Lots of beaches - a great downtown - plenty of restaurants and other amenities. 

Today’s trip was pretty funny.  We did what we planned and being in no particular hurry had a good laugh watching all the vacationers.  It looked like a city expressway on the roads.  It was 91 degrees outside yet the town was a thicket of bodies. 
So what does the title of this blog mean? They call this thicket of people "fudgies" - for the copious amounts of fudge they purchase while on these trips north.  It's like a tradition.  We refer to ourselves that way when visiting towns we don't know.  Everyone buys it, eats it, and ships it out for presents. 

The norm for the summer is for gas prices to be up around here.  So as we drive into town we see two lone gas stations right on the main drag with gas prices 40 cents lower than anyone else.  You'd of thought it was a parade.  Traffic was backed up a block in two directions since they were on opposite sides of the street.   It's a four lane street so can you imagine two of the lanes stopped like an ambulance needed to pass.  How funny it was to watch.  It was road rage in vacation mode....

Did we get gas - oh hell yes!  Our gas light was on so there was no better time.  Luckily I know town and the back way into the gas station so we weren't sitting ducks on the main drag but I laughed all the way through it.   And the fudgies?  LOL - lined up like a parking lot at the mall.  I can't help myself sometimes.  I just find the tiniest things funny.  I can laugh at myself now.  There was a time when I wouldn't have been caught dead in a line for gas or find the waiting funny - or be amused by a brand new car that wouldn't start after filling up.   But now.......I don't take it all that seriously. 
Life is too short not to enjoy the fudge.  Even in the heat!


Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

I had to laugh at this post. Our CA son is visiting a friend in Chicago & they went fishing yesterday in Lake Michigan. Egg Harbor? They caught lots of fish He says he LOVES Michigan! :)

I didn't hear about any fudge! ;)

Sharon Driscoll said...

LOL - The fudge is a Traverse City and Mackinaw Island thing. Although I have to admit they sell it near here too. Yup, everyone has got to see the lakes and fish -or swim. It's just the way we roll here...hahaha.

I would CA would be great fun - huge state.