Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Tool - Yum

I've always loved CG's graphite paddles.  I have several of them and use them frequently to make nice round beads and check the sizes as I go.  Mallory Hoffman recently posted about a new one she purchased and it looked just awesome - just like a calf following the Mommy cow I just had to have one.  Sometimes a simple bead with a great surface texture (this is a ribbed bicone) is just the right compliment to what you are creating.  If you haven't used them go and check them out at CG Beadrollers - they're wonderful tools.

The new one I ordered is so long (it has all of these graduated sizes) I couldn't get it all in the photo I was taking so I've imported a picture from the site so you can see - LOL.  When I make some new beads with it I'll post them. 

Have a great day.  Sharon


rosebud101 said...


A Half-Baked Notion said...

Sharon, just admit that buying new toys is the real reason we have hobbies LOL

Lela said...

We all love new tools. I'm anxious to get my first pair of Wrap and tap pliers today. I'm blown away by the magic you glass people make happen!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Oh Yes, isn't the rule the same for women - She who dies with the most toys/beads/glass/tools and so on WINS! Gosh I love new tools and hardware stores...they make me giddy.