Monday, September 10, 2012

Feeling Like Franken-Sharon

I couldn't help it...I've been working on the torch and on some clay.  With all the new parts they just put in me I'm feeling a little like Frankenstein.  I am also temporarily as clumsy and with one eye having cataract surgery and the other one waiting until September 27th my spacial vision is for crap.  My glasses are useless and it will be until mid- October before they can fit me with a new pair.  Mostly I'm just laughing this off but I know there are times I have this contorted look on my face because people look at me like I've been in a car accident or something.  I occasionally have drop foot and feel like I'm dragging it Quasimodo style through the grocery store.  I must be a sight...what are ya' gonna do?   I should put a little orange or something in my hair for Halloween and then watch them stare at the Walmart.  I had the best fun one year when I did hot pink...
Not to worry - it will all heal in good time if I don't hurt the physical therapist.  I'm starting to get a little "sassy" with him.  Once I even went so far as to tell him, "Nope, not doing that one - let's move on."  I gave him the old delinquency worker look and we moved on and added a different one.  Turd.
Frankie here will go on Etsy probably on Wednesday.  I am way to lazy for photography - hence the awful hands that need hand cream.  Getting older is just plain shitty.  I'm smarter but the parts department at the hospital is going to run dry if this keeps up.
Love you all....hanging in there.  I'm surprised Frankie turn out - I squinted when I made him and upped the lenses on my optivisor.  LOL


Jean A. Wells said...

Great job as always. So glad to see you getting back into the swing of things. Hope you are feeling good.

Lela said...

I feel your pain. I once heard that getting older is not for sissies. No kidding! Whoever named them the golden years anyway?!? ;)

That Frank guy is cute! :)