Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet a Kindred Spirit

I love making eye beads.  They are such a great talisman.  Quite a while ago I sold an entire orphan set of beads I had - mostly extras from the focus group beading for Jeri Warhaftig's book.  This great person snatched them up and promised when she made some jewelry she'd let me.  Wow, she did and here is the incredible result of her work.

The artist is Amy Semenchek of Chek Designs - Amy has a Etsy snipet for her piece and I asked her if she would mind if I passed along the information - here is what she said:

"Can't you see? It's all perspective!" - Mixed media necklace. Etched and enameled copper tube accented with crystals and amazing lamp work "eye" bead create a fun "perspective" on life! It jingles, too! $52.
Look at the great etched eye on the copper tubing - it's just right up my style with the talisman intent.  Nice job Amy - it's great to know what my beads are used for and I love the eye candy a great piece of jewelry provides.  Thank you for sharing.


A Half-Baked Notion said...

It's so great when someone takes your creation and completes it, like Amy has done with your "eyes", Sharon. I checked her Etsy but unfortunately there was nothing in the listings tonight.:(

Janel Gradowski said...

That is a great necklace! I love your eye bead and the fact that the necklace jingles...love it!