Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Halloween fun.

I could live in a perpetual state of Spring and Fall....skip the rest.  Those are my seasons.  Love them!  I had a special order for a long time friend and customer - Cherie Smith of Glitterbug Originals and this is one of my "outakes" from that order.  Cherie loves to challenge me with her ideas.  Some of them (LOL) would take a microscope and thread thick stringers to accomplish.  She's not a lampworker so she doesn't always get what is doable in that flame.  It doesn't matter though because she is always flexible and understanding.  This time she listed several things she'd like to have created and I did my best.  I should have taken photos but there wasn't time.

Often, if it's a new thing for me to make, I have to do a mock up first.  It lets me know which layer of the design goes on first and what challenges in the process need to be altered.  Some times I will work in the actual size (Cherie likes earrings) or I will go for a larger piece I can sell on my site
and then downsize after the process and design is worked out.

This time I ended up with a cute witches shoe in a larger size to list on Etsy.  I think it would be a cute necklace.  I happened to have this rubber stamp that says "I have my eye on you".  Don't you think it would make a cutie of a necklace?  Etsy seems to be having its issues today so I'll probably get it listed tomorrow.  I wonder what else I should be making for the Fall season - ideas?


la mar de bonita said...

The idea of the new necklace is great! Looking forward, how the fished design looks like ;0)
Must be funny to finish ideas from a muse!
Greetings, Michi

Sharon Driscoll said...

Hi Michi - Yes, Cherie can really get my ideas flowing. She is quite creative and since we work differenty in finished pieces it works out great. I love this time of year becasue it's just so much fun.

Cherie like the large shoe so much she wrote immediately and bought it. We'll both be looking forward to what she does with it.